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Active Servers
US Map Test cp_vanguard cp_gorge 0/24
EU Map Test koth_megalo koth_megalo 0/24

55 Maps To be Played
Map Notes By User Added On Times Played
1. vsh_outlook_v2a4a Don't play without LizardOfOz lizardofoz
2. koth_unblessed_a2fix Don't play without IceCreamMachine! ice_cream_machine_
3. koth_valley_a4 US Only. have someone record a demo of the gameplay and put it on tf2m demo website calixite.
4. cp_jungle_airfield_a5b Contest map pattern1853enfield
5. cp_docks_c1 US Only. Play with Pepto, looking for input on the new layout and balance on the capture point capture time. p3pt0
6. pl_conclave_a4 EU Only. Entry for Stack the Deck guardianangeltd
7. pl_moonjelly_a1a Entry for Stack the Deck nuzdot
8. cp_dropoff_a2c Notes unavailable .germaphobe
9. pbo_5_2425a_a4 Random crits ON. dont play without asylum. scramble after every round asylum6857
10. ctf_applejack_rc1 Notes unavailable Rhamkin
11. tcdom_augustdeckmap_a2a Let me know if anything goes wrong august101
12. cp_baxter_b3a Random crits ON. uɐɯsǝu
13. cp_kaltdorf_a3 Stack the deck rivi
14. pl_howtown_a1 Notes unavailable themysteryman_
15. pl_ambition_a6 back from the deads! kiglirs
16. cp_underway_a4 Stack the Deck entry, Play with me! brandinipanini
17. cp_bastion_a7 Notes unavailable 0rangephantom
18. cppl_puerto_s2_a4 STD contest map | Tis a stage 2 / 2 | Let me know the pain points gismogaming
19. koth_crumble_b10 retest. There weren't much players last time. bestestbread
20. vsh_facility_b5d Notes unavailable Phe
21. plr_deathray_a4 Don't play without me mc_labs15
22. ctf_monkeynaut_b2 Notes unavailable zythe_
23. pl_odyssey_a9a Don't play without me. Contest map defcn
24. pbo_2_12b_a2 Random crits ON. scramble after every round. Retest due to players not understanding the very simple objective asylum6857
25. tc_ynysllwynogod_a14a retest, ty for hosting! red_dagger
26. pl_patagonia_stage3_a3 Notes unavailable panckakebro
27. gg_forgecall_v8dev2 don't play without LizardOfOz lizardofoz
28. pl_timberpeak_a2_g EU Only. Looking for feedback regarding layout and class balance. LIGHTING ISSUE IS KNOWN. IM WORKING ON IT!!! please dont play without me: your mom in a cake gigacrack
29. koth_broadcast_b2b Notes unavailable almightyham
30. vip_breakout_a6b Notes unavailable MegapiemanPHD
31. arena_daibutsu_a1 Notes unavailable comfy_
32. ctf_jeoncho_a7b contest priority :3 AlrexX #JeonchoSweep
33. pl_elbistan_a3b Random crits ON. please play with at least 20 players The Ottogirl
34. cp_ulapool_a4 contest map. try to minimize sightline complaints, we know. Camel #UlapoolSweep
35. koth_racket_rc4a Notes unavailable francisdoublea | #racketsweep
36. pl_chateau_x16 Notes unavailable jeanpaul_
37. koth_concrete_a2 Notes unavailable mr.comrade
38. koth_smiw_a10 Notes unavailable pawlakov
39. koth_county_b4 looking to know which (if any) areas feel tight or claustrophopic passionateandripped
40. gg_poolparty_a5a US Only. Let me or LizardofOz know if anything goes wrong august101
41. koth_screwshack_a5c Notes unavailable typeracer.
42. koth_farmingstone_a2a hopefully this is an improved version of my first map koth_farmstone somethingdeveloper
43. pl_greenwood_b5 Dont play without me allintw0
44. koth_cliffmas_night_b2 Notes unavailable poltrageese
45. koth_studio_a12a play with me Rhamkin
46. cp_watercourse_b6h Only play by request. zungryware
47. pbo_1_3341b_a5 Random crits ON. retest due to low player count. Scramble after every round asylum6857
48. cp_lamworth_a2b Notes unavailable aui3690
49. pl_bumblefumble_a5 Notes unavailable DoctorDoomtrain64
50. ctfcp_pumpkinsburg_a4 Notes unavailable yarch0
51. cp_plainzsplitblu_a2 Random crits ON. play with doon plainz
52. cp_newegyptthing_a8 Random crits ON. Only test with me on, no pocketing Doom asg_alligator
53. koth_ribershine_a6b4_test1 Notes unavailable Axon (open for collabs)
54. spaceball_a10 Random crits ON. scramble teams after every round asylum6857
55. pipeball_ultra_rc4b Random crits ON. Scramble after every round. On 2nd round, someone with Noclip access must noclip themselves under the center of the main rink, and destroy the gray block inside the Secret Killswitch Room. asylum6857

Last 10 Played
Map Notes By User Played Added Demos & Feedback
pbo_1_3341b_a5 Random crits ON. scramble after every round asylum6857
cp_newegyptthing_a7 Random crits ON. Only play with me on asg_alligator
koth_studio_a12a Random crits ON. Rhamkin
pl_greenwood_b5 Dont play without me allintw0
pl_mayacontest_a5c Stack The Deck priority. New B rework mayamogus_
gg_poolparty_a5a Let me or LizardofOz know if anything goes wrong august101
koth_treatment_a2a Looking for feedback on the layout, balance (between attacking/defending), and gameplay. Please play when I'm online. flitteringobsolescence
pl_odyssey_a9a Don't play without me. Contest map defcn
ctf_monkeynaut_b2 dont play without me zythe_
koth_king_of_the_train_a6a spycrab100