To be Played
Map Notes By User Added On
ctf_basicsX don't play without me or send feedback if i'm not available to play X-Minolta 02/01/2023
cp_emilambda_a2a dont play without me Emil_Rusboi 02/02/2023
vsh_weaponslab_a13a don't play without me; vscript-powered; (hopefully) fixed the crash; Lizard Of Oz 02/02/2023
de_sphinx_a7 play for 15 minutes Sono 02/02/2023
cp_richfield_a6b Don't play without P53 Enfield Pattern 1853 Enfield 02/02/2023
cp_newsie_a6 Made a whole lot of changes and made C better to play on, let me know what you think OctoBlitz 02/03/2023
pass_14bit_mc24_a1a Notes unavailable 14bit 02/03/2023
pl_viper_a7 Notes unavailable scrly 02/03/2023
koth_polis_b1c3 Don't test without me. Play only with mat_hdr_level 1 Regen 02/03/2023
koth_pipetunnel_a1 dont play without me waterlemon 02/03/2023
pl_monolithic_a1 Please enable random crits, and disable class limits. Have fun! Katsu! ;3 02/03/2023
vsh_tinyrock_a14 don't play without me; vscript-powered Lizard Of Oz 02/03/2023
cp_amp_test_mountainlab_a1 low priority; don't play without me; cp_mountainlab, but dispensers also grant guaranteed Crits Lizard Of Oz 02/03/2023
ctf_the_spool_a2a Notes unavailable SnickerPuffs 02/03/2023
koth_cyberpass_a6 Notes unavailable Hagfishsaurus 02/03/2023
tow_yasumi_a3 Notes unavailable Kiglirs 02/03/2023
koth_hole_v1 please ping me if it played on a server Grubasek PL 02/03/2023
cp_hardwood_b3 detailing feedback would be great if you have any. Squishy 02/03/2023
koth_empire_b3 Notes unavailable youporkchop5 02/03/2023
cp_aztec_a1 Notes unavailable SEACAT08 02/03/2023
ctf_hideaway_b1_1 Playtest with me / US SERVER ONLY / Class Limits Disabled / Random Crits Enabled / Voice Chat for Both teams enabled Mr. Will Alfred 02/04/2023
vsh_rotunda_a4 don't play without me; vscript-powered Lizard Of Oz 02/04/2023
cp_fortezza_s1_a1a Notes unavailable Gruppy 02/04/2023
pl_icechiller_a2 Notes unavailable IceChiller 02/04/2023
pl_alongside_a21 Notes unavailable SaltyPapi 02/04/2023
cp_outflow_a31 dont play without me zythe_ 02/04/2023
koth_boxfactory_a2 Notes unavailable AndroKing 02/04/2023
pd_selbyen_b4a play with me Rhamkin 02/04/2023
Last 10 Played
Map Notes By User Demos & Feedback
koth_kliffspire_a4 Play only when the mapper (Local Veemo) is on the server. Local Veemo
ctf_west_warehouse_v4 Play with me plz O.J. Simpson
adctf_spleep_mc24_a2 Spleep
tc_clover_a6 tc contest thingy Mess About
cp_gulch_a3a play whenever SupaNerd360
pd_selbyen_b4a Rhamkin
koth_towerofbabel_v1 Drago
pl_cactuscanyon_redux_final1 low priority Suna
pl_alongside_a21 SaltyPapi
tc_hypro_b1b Don't play without me H20Gamez

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