To be Played
Map Notes By User Added On
pl_eruption_b12 dont play without me Billo 05/27/2023
koth_lifesnatcher_a2 DO NOT play until I update to a3! zythe_ 05/27/2023
cp_zythegpit_a6 don't play without me zythe_ 05/30/2023
pd_hallowville_a4 Primarily looking to test the layout and gameplay so it may look unfinished SirLoafer 05/30/2023
arena_rivet_rc2a low prio, US only, play with me Sono 05/31/2023
cp_crapstreet_a8 Notes unavailable TheMysteryMan 05/31/2023
pl_twine_a10 Notes unavailable Zacco 05/31/2023
evm_steel_a5 Notes unavailable MilkMaster 05/31/2023
pl_ohgreatanother_a5 Please don't play without me (evasive species) Zoomspilo 05/31/2023
cp_dachsnel_a3 Play if I'm online or maplist is nearly empty ѕрrucе 05/31/2023
Last 10 Played
Map Notes By User Demos & Feedback
plr_bulletrace_a2 joke map, plr varitiation. changes made from feedback. added more fun stuff. crab
pl_twine_a10 need some suggestions on how to fix the LAST last point's sniper angle problem Zacco
evm_steel_a4 at least 20 players MilkMaster
cp_crapstreet_a7 improvements to 2nd TheMysteryMan
ctf_downstream_b4a AlrexX
pl_ashlands_a5 scrly
pl_ohgreatanother_a4 Please don't play without me Zoomspilo
cp_zythegpit_a6 don't play without me zythe_
cp_crapstreet_a6 retest/2nd stage TheMysteryMan
koth_proot_b6b Spleep

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