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Map Notes By User Added On
1. ctf_teuforttowers_b1a Don't play without P53 Enfield pattern1853enfield#0 09/23/2023
2. cp_suntown_a1c dont play without me lacrycat#0 09/23/2023
3. ctf_bruhboulecross_a1 Please enable random crits, and disable class limits. Have fun! - T Robo Katsu! E;#5676 09/23/2023
4. koth_fatberg_72_a5 Play with me if possible rivi#0 09/23/2023
5. ctf_facility_a3 scramble often, enable random crits, and have fun venesis.#0 09/23/2023
6. pl_fountain_a19b retest, US only idolon#0 09/23/2023
7. cp_hydraulic_a1b us only, play with me nuke_#0 09/23/2023
8. plr_azukico_a1 Notes unavailable hydroeclipse#0 09/23/2023
9. ctf_applejack_a9 play with me rhamkin#0 09/24/2023
10. cp_23narpas72_a1b Please don't test without me, though feel free to ignore this note if the map has been on the list longer than a week. Thank you! narpassword0#0 09/24/2023
11. plr_sobek_a2 postjam update, map has been basically completely remade no_anything_but_that#9118 09/24/2023
12. koth_demolition_a8 any server doesn’t matter madjinjo#0 09/24/2023
13. pl_harboreal_a22 Notes unavailable whitebenoit#0 09/24/2023
14. pl_jerrycan_v3_a10a Notes unavailable youporkchop5#0 09/24/2023
15. pass_snowsteel_a5 Vscript pass time thing; Please try to run with a mostly full server, really want to see how people adapt to the changes august101#0 09/24/2023
16. vsh_maul_a1a Notes unavailable megapiemanphd#0 09/24/2023
17. pl_glow_a2 Notes unavailable artz_dc#0 09/24/2023
18. spaceball_a3 needs sv_allow_point_servercommand 1 -OR- phys_pushscale 30. Scramble teams after every round asylum6857#0 09/25/2023
19. koth_town_square_a2 I added and removed and fixed and changed some stuff. Like a good mapper :) xagamer1534#0 09/25/2023
20. pl_keystone_v10 Don't play without me! mozowashere#0 09/25/2023
21. ck_reactive_a1a Notes unavailable artz_dc#0 09/25/2023
22. koth_smissmas_mall_b5a Notes unavailable ratsinyourwalls#0 09/25/2023
23. koth_cannedbread_a4a Notes unavailable faultindisqord#0 09/25/2023
24. pipeball_linedrive_a4 Pipeball Tunnels with a new name and night-time theme. I stripped away almost all of the detailing, so please give as much feedback on the layout as possible! snickerpuffs#0 09/25/2023
25. koth_oar_a5 Notes unavailable metanaali#0 09/25/2023
26. cp_fencejunction_a3point7 Notes unavailable _kribo#0 09/25/2023
27. koth_good_wagon_a5 feedback is good mussshhhh#0 09/25/2023
28. pl_spacewar_b29 hopefully the spawn bug is fixed :) kill_the_bug#0 09/25/2023
29. koth_descent_a13 Notes unavailable scampi#0 09/26/2023
31. koth_racket_b9b Notes unavailable francisdoublea#0 09/26/2023
32. ck_doohickey_a4 not much changed. if it doesnt spin more than once lmk pureadvantagecamel#0 09/26/2023
33. pl_bendigo_a2 Thanks for the imp custard1#0 09/26/2023
34. cp_stationary_a2a Notes unavailable 4906#0 09/26/2023
35. pl_tripletrouble_a13c Test #4. Please scramble whenever there's a team imbalance, regardless of stage. muddyboue#0 09/26/2023
36. ctf_ships_72hr_b1 feedback update Asdf1308#5643 09/26/2023
37. pd_zinc2_a4 Notes unavailable cappucci25#0 09/26/2023
38. koth_kinneb72hr_a3 Notes unavailable kinnebian#0 09/26/2023
39. dm_crossfire_a2 don't play without me; lizardofoz#0 09/26/2023
40. tile_beach_a1a Notes unavailable pureadvantagecamel#0 09/27/2023
41. koth_topside_b12 Notes unavailable itsonlymilky#0 09/27/2023
42. tdm_shaleville_a1e dont play without me, retetst, want feedback on how the gamemode feels and not the layout thetriztheexistentialneko#0 09/27/2023
43. koth_manners_avenue_a3 Notes unavailable .nattea 09/27/2023
44. pl_saturation_a3 Notes unavailable Hadull 09/27/2023
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Map Notes By User Demos & Feedback
koth_slums_rc2a Please enable random crits, and disable class limits. Have fun! - T Robo Katsu! E;
pl_saturation_a2v3 ._.inanis._.
ctf_ghreg_a1b low priority, priooritize other map before it unless i ask for it alexeatdonut
plr_sisyphus_a3fix I want to see if the new final plays better and if the spawns being moved helps, please don't play without me fizzyphysics
pl_august101_72h2023_a3c Priority request since it was skipped for broken hdr; EU test ideally august101
ctf_2company_a1 dont play w/o me & if you play on 9/23 please wait until 7:30 PST so i can play theduck666
pl_corruption_rc2a Billo
cp_geoff_a3b play w me spdr42
arena_trainstation_a1 technicmatt
cp_hillside_a3 a3 of my first map, all feedback is appreciated robopan_robopan_robopan

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