What is this?

The TF2Maps.net Discord Bot has been re-written from scratch and now offers additional functionality. The Bot is desgined to assist with submitting your maps to game days by offering automatic map upload to our game servers and redirect. Your TF2Maps.net VIP is now also tied to your VIP role on discord.

To Be Played
  • vsh_outlook_v2a4a
  • koth_unblessed_a2fix
  • koth_valley_a4
  • cp_jungle_airfield_a5b
  • cp_docks_c1
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Recently Played
  • pbo_1_3341b_a5
  • cp_newegyptthing_a7
  • koth_studio_a12a
  • pl_greenwood_b5
  • pl_mayacontest_a5c
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