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Map Notes By User Added On
koth_highgravel_a5 Don't play without me ! Owli 08/12/2020
cp_gravelhill_a2 Don't play without me ! Owli 08/12/2020
koth_brawl_a4 EU only dice 08/12/2020
koth_busytown_a3 I also want know if Yall liked the A2 version more or less then this Version. LastJester510 08/13/2020
cp_amai_s1_a1 Notes unavailable Moonrat 08/13/2020
koth_gravelpillar_a1 Don't play without me ! Owli 08/13/2020
koth_sharkbay_a13 Notes unavailable basilhs333 08/13/2020
pl_luckything_a7 Notes unavailable lucky 08/13/2020
cp_warthog_a4 Notes unavailable mousetail 08/13/2020
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Map Notes By User Demos & Feedback
pd_rocket_factory_a1 Oni (Terralola)
ctf_dinner_a4 mitch
pd_farmageddon_a15 MegapiemanPHD
koth_delivery_a22 swag golf club president
pl_piston_a6a u_wil
cp_snowlodge_event_rc5a phi
pl_eruption_a26 basilhs333
koth_busytown_a3 Please Wait for Me Until Testing this map. Also I Need feedback on what is good, So I Know what I am doing right and wrong. But I don't mind the normal feedback. LastJester510
pd_hungry_a3 Don't talk about the displacements, gameplay feedback only pls *Turns into crocodile*
pd_scarab_b2 Sandwhip

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