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koth_bump_a2 Notes unavailable danimations 04/17/2021
arena_minutilla_a10 low priority retest. US only please and turn off the FB round plugin before playing Norfolk 04/17/2021
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koth_valley_a5a Au
pl_purloin_s1_a4 zythe_
pass_smalltime_a17c new mid new hope Fluury
pl_tzatziki_a2 resubmitted because it was skipped accidentally in the US imp yesterday. a2 is only a small update so it's best to play it on EU now. Stof
arena_minutilla_a10 TURN OFF FB ROUND PLUGIN ON THIS MAP! Or add 5 minutes to the maptime if you really want the extra round, either way works for me :) Norfolk
koth_labor_a11 Lemmem
pl_luckything_a14b enjoy your fwd spawn lucky
cp_tumbledown_a1fixed Forward spawn should be fixed, hopefully Zepavil
pl_tzatziki_a1 first map oh boy Stof
cp_inspire_a1 tristissimus hominum

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