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ctf_wrecked_beach_a2c Notes unavailable Poishiche 07/09/2020
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koth_escape_a7 *Turns into crocodile*
pl_viridian_a5v2 Updated to Alpha 5 V2 Tang
koth_flossbite_a2 Yeti
koth_wetrock_b8 Calamari_man
cp_couvade_a8 Feeble attempt at adding strategic options. Also displacements no longer dev textured. eighnTes
pl_viridian_a5 Updated to Alpha 5 Tang
pl_highwood_b18 asd417
cp_cornhub_stage1_a2 asd417
koth_airfieldassault_a9a hopefully i won't miss this one ???6
arena_ibex_a5 needs more testing/low player count ibex

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