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Map Notes By User Added On
koth_midnight_express_recreation_a1 Notes unavailable LadyBug 10/29/2020
od_waterpass_a1 layout feedbacks are important for me. pls don't try to exploit the map. r0nii 10/29/2020
cp_cringefish_a1 play with or without me qualitycont 10/30/2020
cp_rescue_a3 Notes unavailable *Turns into crocodile* ? 10/30/2020
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Map Notes By User Demos & Feedback
pd_carousel_b2a IGNORE THIS FUTURE IMP HOSTS void
pl_kemilnewthing_a16 I dinne ken ?
koth_collect_a1 preferably test when I'm on the server. Just_Call_Me_Meme
pl_darkmesa_fs_a9 zythe_
pl_gasoline_a8 hopefully no bugs Hamsterkins
cp_emilnewthingv2_a1 probably broken but eh lets go Emil_Rusboi
koth_idolon_mc8_a4a retest Idolon
pl_kemilnewthing_a16 I dinne ken ?
tc_national_a4 14bit
adctf_mannscape_a23 This map never changes. <:spooky:628795754063986689> Wilson

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