To be Played
Map Notes By User Added On
cp_silent_a4b [6s only] πŸ‹lemπŸ‹ 11/28/2021
koth_soot_a20b retest Γ°ΒŸΒ™Β‚ Spleep 12/06/2021
koth_untidaled_a5 Notes unavailable Squaggies 12/06/2021
pd_pipeline_a34a Notes unavailable Ismac 12/06/2021
koth_bikkie_mc19_a3 feel free to play without me b!scuit 12/06/2021
pl_mountain_edge_s2_v6 Notes unavailable murcielagopricehi45 12/06/2021
cp_pervade_s1_a1 layout changed, van hazard still exist murcielagopricehi45 12/06/2021
cp_maplefalls_a4 Play it only when the server is full Lacry 12/06/2021
pd_toxicity_a8 Notes unavailable MegapiemanPHD 12/06/2021
koth_winterview_a17c highlander only Rhamkin 12/06/2021
koth_manteca_a2 Notes unavailable πŸ‹lemπŸ‹ 12/06/2021
koth_highsea_mc19_a3 Notes unavailable Zenvora 12/06/2021
pl_vineyard_a3_1 Notes unavailable Panckakebro 12/07/2021
arena_snowshore_b3 only visuals feedback Lacry 12/07/2021
cp_sentinel_a4 please do not play without me thanks :-) Keizer Ei 12/07/2021
koth_jewel_spring_a2 added blue dev texture to blu side ChubbaBubba 12/08/2021
plr_norfolk_mc18_a5 MEDIEVAL + TWO-STAGE. Make sure to disable class-limits, turn on random crits, and DO NOT scramble until both stages have been played Norfolk 12/08/2021
cp_pascal_a1 Notes unavailable Dupiter 12/08/2021
cp_orbit_a1 Notes unavailable ItsOnlyMilky 12/08/2021
koth_luxdeluxe_mc19_a1b [6s or Highlander] first comp test let's go LuxDeluxe 12/08/2021
cp_dark_dungeon_a5 Notes unavailable Michael Jackson 12/08/2021
koth_zythesnow_a5 Notes unavailable zythe_ 12/08/2021
koth_crossway_a1 Notes unavailable Micky Smouse 12/08/2021
cp_uptrend_a5 Notes unavailable Agent Braise 12/09/2021
koth_listener_a4b [6s or Highlander] Aulli 12/09/2021
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Map Notes By User Demos & Feedback
koth_gatorlake_a9 Cappucci
ctf_huwareyoumap_a1a Huwareyou??
pd_tomix7_mc17_a2 tomix7
koth_vaultfree_a1 temanator
pd_scarab_rc4b Suna
cp_sultry_b3 looking for optimization and clipping feedback. PigPig
koth_monkey_playtest would like some general gameplay criticism (eg. layout, medkit/ammo placement) FrecsheeTF2
arena_rhamkin_mc17_a2 Rhamkin
cp_pervade_s1_v11 murcielagopricehi45
hp_codex_mc17_a2c LOW PRIORITY, this is a wacky map. hp stands for Hot Potato, and it's exactly what you'd imagine Le Codex

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