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Map Notes By User Added On
koth_sublime_a1 please play with a full server and don’t let the koth fatigue affect your judgement 😅 Huwareyou?? 06/18/2021
ctf_doublecross_event_v3 Notes unavailable Tang 06/18/2021
cp_scrlypipes_a3c Notes unavailable scrly 06/18/2021
koth_mazata_a8 Notes unavailable Mazata 06/18/2021
koth_wargod_a4a Notes unavailable Rhafamonas 06/18/2021
pl_petrichor_a8 Notes unavailable Alpheri 06/18/2021
pass_gridiron_a24 Notes unavailable MegapiemanPHD 06/18/2021
koth_lazarus_event_a10 Notes unavailable void 06/19/2021
koth_bigfootscave_a6 Notes unavailable tomix7 06/19/2021
koth_steelmill_a2 Notes unavailable Lt.Dan 06/20/2021
pl_spacewar_b13 please don't play without me Kill_the_Bug 06/20/2021
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Map Notes By User Demos & Feedback
arena_spleef_a3b play last, gimmick map, disable class limits if possible Sono
koth_bigfootscave_a2 tomix7
arena_commute_a4 LiverCanyon
koth_lazarus_event_a9 void
pl_petrichor_a7d Alpheri
koth_trolltown_a7z Niro
cp_scrlypipes_a3 please try to not rtv it in the first round this time<br /> scrly
koth_wargod_a3c Rhafamonas
pl_rumford_a10 fbround please :) nesman
pl_petrichor_a7c Alpheri

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