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Map Notes By User Added On
koth_goldwater_a7 Play on US server Orange7 05/29/2020
koth_scrap_a1 Primarily focusing on layout issues would be ideal. Preferably US server. Thanks in advance! Piggy 05/31/2020
koth_ateliosis_a2 Notes unavailable patrlim 05/31/2020
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Map Notes By User Demos & Feedback
cp_discdrive_a2 Used to be WiiDVD. Sorry about the last imp Sirky
koth_oilspill_a1 just a playtest ? under_score_-
ctf_rubble_yard_a8 coWolves
cp_kelso_a2 loomis
bomb_volley_a1 Unorthodox/silly/non-serious map. Don't test if there's higher-priority maps that need testing. Funnystuf
koth_capsid_old focus hardly on layout change feedbacks. i wanna change the layout a bit to make more enjoyable for every class. r0nii
cp_hardwood_a34 have fun gamers Squishy
cp_couvade_a3j don't play without me unless imp is about to die but i would really really love it if I could get on, as of the time i updated this (beginning of imp) i can be on in 1.5 hrs so if imp isn't dying by then then don't play without me eighntes
ctf_trainwreck_a1 mlgmitchel
koth_metanol_a2 MP

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