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Website modification Skylark 10/30/2020
siege_grove_a3a This is an experimental game mode, Siege. Cap the point, then push a cart. Msg me in discord if you need more details. Looking for gameplay and layout feedback Zeus 11/30/2020
pl_paperstage1_a5 only play with meeeee zythe_ 11/30/2020
koth_one_a21 changed the symmetry style from mirror to rotational, hope the layout doesnt feel weird NoT2BaD 12/01/2020
koth_arrow_a4 don't play without me shplurmff 12/01/2020
cp_dustygulch_a10 I lied about the last update being the last before the playtest, oops. Hopefully can get some feedback on C this time. LossyInput 12/01/2020
pl_dryleaf_a1 wire brushes are not solid for bullets. Except for chicken wire (retest) *Turns into crocodile* ? 12/01/2020
adctf_mannscape_a31 I am still furious. Wilson 12/01/2020
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adctf_mannscape_a31 I am furious. Wilson
koth_arrow_a3a shplurmff
pl_dryleaf_a1 You can shoot through the wire brush. Except for the chicken wire brush. *Turns into crocodile* ?
cp_dustygulch_a5 hopefully there's no errors, just finished fixing up leaks as testing is starting LossyInput
pl_luckything_a11g please play as the second map of imp lucky
koth_labor_a1 LemMem
adctf_moraine_a19 adctf is a poggers gamemode :) Tekku
adctf_mannscape_a30 This is the best map in the game because I said so. Wilson
koth_arrow_a2a shplurmff
pl_paperstage1_a4 only play with meeee zythe_

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