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Map Notes By User Added On
pl_red_canyon_a2 If it crashes ppl again, just stop the test. Try not to play w/out me. WhoWee! 12/03/2019
ctf_chin_a5a Don't test without me! smig 12/06/2019
koth_shithole_a7 Notes unavailable Wilson 12/06/2019
pl_coyote_a18b Fixed LDR Avulsion 12/06/2019
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Map Notes By User Demos & Feedback
koth_quacfort_a5 Calamari_man
cp_villa_b6 kevin gator
arena_brtest_a1 Yrrzy
ctf_chin_a5 don't play without me! smig
koth_shithole_a7 Wilson
arena_seashore_a7a I ask for a little more of feedback, thank you Lacry
cp_snowfield_a5 Scion
ctf_coldmill_a2 Better version with 33% more routes. Alternating Current
pl_icecap_a3 is map Alternating Current
ctf_mountainrock_a4 Vuffle

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