To be Played
Map Notes By User Added On
koth_soot_a16c [6s only] Spleep 07/08/2021
cp_wraparound_a2a [6s only] skeptical 07/13/2021
koth_studio_a5d dont test without me, ask me before testing with me Emil_Rusboi 07/13/2021
pl_drylands_a11a [6's only] obv v conceptual, cart moves at x1 max after being tapped so blu doesn't have to stand next to it constantly and only stops when red touches it, most concerned about how easy it is for blu to use momentum to stop red from doing anything fossil 07/17/2021
koth_crazywater_v2 8vs8 max player map, don't test without me please. G0udTem 07/25/2021
pl_vask_f2_a3 Don't play without me, btw the f2 means First 2 Points SED 07/29/2021
koth_coldworks_a4 Notes unavailable Rodro 07/29/2021
koth_norfolk_mc16_a2 please don't play directly after another symmetrical map (prevent gamer fatigue) Norfolk 07/30/2021
koth_scrly90_mc16_a5a Notes unavailable scrly 07/30/2021
arena_jexas_a3 Notes unavailable Ismac 07/30/2021
pass_scale_a5a Notes unavailable *Turns into crocodile* 🐊 07/30/2021
arena_reloj_a5a One last retest, want to move on into beta or detailing soon 🙂 Huwareyou?? 07/30/2021
koth_gravelworks_a6 Notes unavailable !Owli 07/30/2021
cp_ro3pont_a5 rule of threes entry - priority appreciated :) play on EU pont 07/30/2021
koth_urban_station_a8b Notes unavailable Raymontisaurus 07/30/2021
pl_spacewar_b16 - contest map - please don't play without me thanks Kill_the_Bug 07/30/2021
pl_tangtown_a4 I want more feedback, the last feedback list was compromised Tang 07/30/2021
arena_skyscraper_b1 first ever map (idk lol) Coolerdude1203 07/30/2021
arena_hooro_a3 need more feedback that is not just "small map" Rhamkin 07/31/2021
koth_paradise_b2 Notes unavailable Khalid 07/31/2021
pl_sequia_s1_a11 Notes unavailable Cappucci 07/31/2021
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Map Notes By User Demos & Feedback
koth_sheer_a1 Cooper
arena_hooro_a3 Rhafamonas
koth_drywall_a4 Jazzkarp
pl_staggering_rock_a14a Calzone
pl_dunno_a9 mhm! map youporkchop5
ctf_well_event_a2 the map material overrides some spell icons, so don't play right after or before some other map that uses magic spells ,ty! Pinewabble
koth_limpmozzarella_a5 New route to bridge around mid. Let me know what you think. Fault in Discord
cp_ro3pont_a5 rule of threes entry - priority appreciated xoxoxoxo pont
pl_eruption_a31 basilhs333
cp_azumith_mc13_a5b Rule of Thirds contest map. Mostly more changes to A. LuxDeluxe

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