To be Played
Map Notes By User Added On
cp_sbeve_a2 [6s only] Mâché 09/04/2021
plr_snowthistle_b5 retest for some more feedback on new version, pls dont play without me! Maid 🌸 09/10/2021
koth_soot_a18a [6s only] Spleep 09/10/2021
koth_limpmozzarella_a7a [Highlander or 6s] Fault in Discord 09/11/2021
koth_cashside_a2b Preferably Highlander Default Guy 09/12/2021
pass_gridiron_b7a Notes unavailable MegapiemanPHD 09/14/2021
pd_pipeline_a20 Notes unavailable Ismac 09/15/2021
cp_cloaktypebeat_a2a Notes unavailable Sono 09/15/2021
pl_manhattanraid_a3 if you can play this map i am starved from feedback pls HEL- king kong balls 09/15/2021
koth_canal_a1_3 Notes unavailable ItsOnlyMilky 09/16/2021
pl_stailia_s1_a15a Notes unavailable Hydrogenic 09/16/2021
cp_norfolk_mc17_a2a Notes unavailable Norfolk 09/16/2021
ctf_cp_pl_onsen_a2 A/D CTF; please don't test without me; filename is confusing on purpose b!scuit 09/16/2021
arena_rhamkin_mc17_a3 Notes unavailable Rhamkin 09/16/2021
koth_dualward_a1 Notes unavailable Rhamkin 09/16/2021
koth_beachbells_a1 Notes unavailable The Almighty Ham 09/16/2021
cp_icytouch_a1a Notes unavailable Tiftid 09/16/2021
koth_trolltown_a9f Don't play without me please [EU only] Niro 09/16/2021
koth_vaultfree_a2 Notes unavailable temanator 09/17/2021
koth_tomix7_mc17_a3 Notes unavailable tomix7 09/17/2021
koth_birch_a3 Notes unavailable Shrimp 09/17/2021
cp_springwarrior_mc17_a2 Notes unavailable SpringWarrior 09/17/2021
cp_machems_s1_a8 don't play without me unless someone can screenshare <3 Mâché 09/18/2021
koth_repository_a2 Notes unavailable Rhamkin 09/18/2021
pl_mountain_edge_s1_v6 Notes unavailable murcielagopricehi45 09/18/2021
pl_mountain_edge_s2_v1 needed feedback on last, it kinda sucked murcielagopricehi45 09/18/2021
pass_jackball_games_a2a LOW PRIORITY. This is a custom gamemode based on PASS Time. No damage between players, only minigames around the Jack Le Codex 09/18/2021
cp_caldera_a4a retest, only play if scramble plugin works D0om 09/18/2021
koth_gatorlake_ab1 Notes unavailable Cappucci 09/18/2021
pd_lumberyard_event_b13 Notes unavailable Diva Dan 09/18/2021
Last 10 Played
Map Notes By User Demos & Feedback
koth_gatorlake_a9 Cappucci
ctf_huwareyoumap_a1a Huwareyou??
pd_tomix7_mc17_a2 tomix7
koth_vaultfree_a1 temanator
pd_scarab_rc4b Suna
cp_sultry_b3 looking for optimization and clipping feedback. PigPig
koth_monkey_playtest would like some general gameplay criticism (eg. layout, medkit/ammo placement) FrecsheeTF2
arena_rhamkin_mc17_a2 Rhamkin
cp_pervade_s1_v11 murcielagopricehi45
hp_codex_mc17_a2c LOW PRIORITY, this is a wacky map. hp stands for Hot Potato, and it's exactly what you'd imagine Le Codex

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