To be Played
Map Notes By User Added On
cp_sbeve_a2 [6s only] Mâché 09/04/2021
koth_soot_a18a [6s only] Spleep 09/10/2021
koth_metropolis_a5a [Highlander only] Default Guy 09/29/2021
koth_limpmozzarella_a8 Just want some more testing data, preferable with EU gamers Fault in Discord 10/11/2021
koth_pumpkin_town_a1a Notes unavailable Boby321 10/13/2021
koth_mannshack_v1 Don't test it without me please. G0udTem 10/13/2021
cp_silent_a3 [6s only] 🍊lem🍊 10/14/2021
pl_eruption_a35 Notes unavailable basilhs333 10/14/2021
koth_cliffhole_a4 eu only Harve_Gaming 10/14/2021
gd_mitochondria_a3 Generator Destruction. Seems the crash was fixed! Need to retest. Yakibomb 10/14/2021
pd_bermuda_a1 first test Sophie Dellange 10/14/2021
koth_tempus_b1c pls give opinions on current health and ammo placement ()__() 10/14/2021
cp_tumbledown_a6 Notes unavailable Zepavil 10/14/2021
pl_antimatter_b10 - I don't need to be there. I just need conformation that there are no more teleporter bugs thanks Kill_the_Bug 10/14/2021
arena_minutilla_b2 looking for art/detailing feedback Norfolk 10/15/2021
pl_mountain_edge_s1_v9 Notes unavailable murcielagopricehi45 10/15/2021
pl_stackmap_a2 Notes unavailable Stack_Man 10/15/2021
pd_bermuda_a2 imp was over when map was played, need retest Sophie Dellange 10/15/2021
cp_zythe_umc17_a4 Notes unavailable zythe_ 10/15/2021
arena_reloj_b1 retest, low player count. Please tell me how to improve Booareyou?? (Spooky) 10/15/2021
pl_zythebarn_a1 Notes unavailable zythe_ 10/15/2021
koth_spookyshore_a3a Notes unavailable Scary Rhamkin 10/15/2021
pl_paifang_a16 Notes unavailable Tang 10/15/2021
cp_extension_a2 Notes unavailable skeptical 10/15/2021
pl_coal_event_rc2a Notes unavailable Panckakebro 10/16/2021
cp_kaleido_a9 play when im in epic swag scrly 10/16/2021
Last 10 Played
Map Notes By User Demos & Feedback
koth_gatorlake_a9 Cappucci
ctf_huwareyoumap_a1a Huwareyou??
pd_tomix7_mc17_a2 tomix7
koth_vaultfree_a1 temanator
pd_scarab_rc4b Suna
cp_sultry_b3 looking for optimization and clipping feedback. PigPig
koth_monkey_playtest would like some general gameplay criticism (eg. layout, medkit/ammo placement) FrecsheeTF2
arena_rhamkin_mc17_a2 Rhamkin
cp_pervade_s1_v11 murcielagopricehi45
hp_codex_mc17_a2c LOW PRIORITY, this is a wacky map. hp stands for Hot Potato, and it's exactly what you'd imagine Le Codex

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