Bot Commands
Command Purpose
/add <url> <notes> This will add a map to an open game day and upload the map file to the servers. Notes are optional.
/update <map name> <url> <notes> Update an existing map that belongs to you. Notes are optional.
/delete <map> This will delete the map from any open gamedays and remove the map file from the servers.
/upgrade If you have VIP status on, you can carry this over to Discord.
You must have entered your Discord ID # in your profile.
/uploadcheck <map> Check if the map has been uploaded to the game servers.
/maps Get a list of maps currently awaiting to be tested in a map test session.
/us Get current status for the US game server.
/eu Get current status for the EU game server.
/active Get current status for the US and EU game server.
/search vdc <search query> Search the Valve Developer Community.
/search downloads <search query> Search database for a download.
/search tf2m <search query> Searches the site.
/code <search query> Display my code.
/imp Shows commands commonly used my map test hosts.