Bot !Commands
Command Purpose
!add <map> <url> <notes> This will add a map to an open game day and upload the map file to the servers. Notes are optional.
!update <current map name> <new map name> <url> <notes> Update an existing map that belongs to you. Notes are optional
!delete <map> This will delete the map from any open gamedays and remove the map file from the servers.
!upgrade If you have VIP status on, you can carry this over to Discord. You must have entered your Discord handle in your profile.
!uploadcheck <map> Check if the map has been uploaded to the game servers.
!maps Get a list of maps currently awaiting placement in a gameday.
!usserver Get current status for the US game server.
!euserver Get current status for the EU game server.
!active Get current status for the US and EU game server.
!hello Be friendly. Say hello.
!commands Display a list of commands.
Custom !Commands
Command Reply
tf2references <>
botsux :(
b1 <:B1:273204652286410752>
fox 🦊
feedback <>
ghost! <:mystery:348604264794423296>
ghost? yes
removde <>

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